Genetic and epigenetic editing of tumour cells and the microenvironment to block metastasis
Siberian State Medical University

Clinical trials of medicines

Validation of medication

Diagnostic test systems
3D humanised models for pre-clinical work
Integrated education programmes and research
Raising domestic and international funding
Development of the Patient School in the Russian Federation
Project partners
Project Relevance
  • Genotherapeutic products and technologies
  • Infrastructure for genetic engineering
  • Masters and PhD students in genetic and biotechnology
  • Cancer patient schools

International Conference
«Genetic Technologies
in Translational Biomedicine»
Tomsk city, 6-8 September 2023

erid: 2VtzquYUVgb
Main ideas of the project
Blocking the transition of micrometastases to macrometastases at the level of the dedifferentiation process
Epigenetic reprogramming of macrophages
Antimetastatic stimulation of local and systemic immunity
Expected key results
Genotherapeutic medicines

  • Genetically modified microorganisms to stimulate systemic anti-metastatic immunity
  • Genetically engineered microRNA constructs to block the metastatic potential of cancer cells
Gene technologies

  • Epigenetic editing of immunity
  • Test system for drugs blocking the transition from micrometastases to macrometastases
  • Genotechnology for the prognosis of the course of tumours in 7 localisations
Infrastructure for genetic engineering
  • Spatial profiling of the genome and transcriptome in situ using Nanostring technology
  • 3D bioprinting centre for preclinical research